Meet Our Staff


As a Vermonter, born and raised, I've always wanted to see something that could bring us together. I've kept aquatic pets my entire life and I absolutely love it, they are so beautiful and fascinating. My goal in life is to help people learn about the hobby and find the joy in it that I do. I always want to provide a place for people to go when they need help that they know they can trust.

Allison~ Owner, main consultant

I move stuff.

Bryan~He moves stuff


Growing up I have always had a strong love for helping others. As a teenager, I did volunteer work for several years at a young women's' camp and helped the women feel welcome and cared for. The skills I learned there are exactly what I use today in customer service. These skills allow me to make sure people get what they are looking for, whether a new tank, or the perfect fish to stock it with. I'll make sure your needs are taken care of.

Colleen~ Customer associate, consultant


Starr Aquatics is simply THE BEST place to help you with your aquatic needs. I had asked Allison if I could buy a tank and not only did I get a full setup at a decent price, she even came to my apartment and helped me set it up! Just amazing service and there is no better place around.

Luke H.

Starr Aquatics is fantastic! I wanted a tank set up for my home office: they came to set it all up for me, and it looks amazing. My fish and I couldn't be happier with how it all turned out. I would definitely recommend that anyone trying to get into the hobby give them a call.

Jennifer B.

I was having trouble trying to figure out how to set up my multiple tanks in a way that was manageable for me to keep up with without spending a ton of time doing all the upkeep. She was super understanding about my needs and really helped me figure out the best way to keep all of my tanks without giving up any water health.

Shenna F.