Convict cichlid babies

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Locally bred convicts for sale, healthy and beautiful. Available to be sexed in a couple weeks if you want to get a pair for mating. If you've never kept cichlids the main things to note are their aggressive natures, need to territorize, and their enjoyment of having many places to hide. I recommend keeping two fish per every 20-30 gallons minimum with plenty of coverage to hide and keep them feeling secure in their territory. They can be kept with certain other fish, for recommendations feel free to contact me. If kept improperly with other fish, they will kill them and each other. Overall they are a beautiful fish with very strong and diverse personalities, very fun to keep and watch. If you wish to get into breeding and never have done so, contact me and we will figure out your perfect set up and plan. Max size for convicts is about six inches for males and four inches for females.

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