Goldfish care-sheet || Short and sweet

Everyone loves goldfish, they are colorful, fun, and everywhere. They are also one of the most commonly mistreated fish in the hobby.

Care Sheet


Goldfish are big and messy. Ideally you’ll keep these beauties in ponds, but they also do well in a tank. Fancy goldfish require a minimum of around 20 gallons, and then for each additional fish in the tank add 10 gallons. Common goldfish (the ones you’ll find in the “feeder” tanks at most pet stores) require a minimum of 30 gallons, with an additional 10 gallons per additional fish.

Lighting and Temperature

Lighting isn’t all that critical with these guys, they’ll adjust to whatever setup you want to have. Temperature however is a big one. Many people throw goldfish into their community tanks to add some color, but the problem is most communities are tropical. Goldfish are cold water fish, they need water in the range of 65-74 degrees F.


Goldfish aren’t too picky with what you want to give them for substrate, though they do love to dig. Large gravel, riverstones, or sand are generally good options because they can be easier to clean.


Best thing to feed your goldfish is food made for them. Pick up some good quality goldfish flakes and/or pellets. Feed 1-3 times a day depending on the number of fish. Don’t feed more than they can eat, and remove uneaten food after each feeding (trust me, these guys are messy enough without help). Supplement their diet with occasional bloodworms, watermelon, shrimp, or kale. (They love veggies so live plants as decor may not last long.)

Water Quality

Tap water is fine, provided it is pretreated with aquarium water conditioner to remove chlorine and chloramines. Keep in mind that goldfish are incredibly messy. They will need extremely good filtration and frequent water changes to keep them healthy.


Goldfish are fairly peaceful and will get along with most things that don’t fit in their mouth. This being said, everything can have grumpy days so watch for any kind of fin nipping.

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